Well, the cast list was finally announced at 1am on Friday, much like the General Elections, the flurry of excitement throughout the day between fellow Centre Stagers, slowly petered out as and when people got tired of waiting. Friday morning arrived and I checked my email to see if I had managed to bag the title role of 'Bat Boy' himself and... no, I didn't get it. I'm a tad gutted as you can imagine. If this was an Oscar press release, I'd probably be saying something like, "It was just an honour to be nominated, I pass on my warm hearted congratulations to the lucky winner" or something as equally anodyne. Thankfully, I'm not. This is my blog and I can rant if I want to. I suppose the experience of taking part in one show and spending hours of preparation for this audition allows me some justified resentment. I'm not ungrateful for the part I have been given, the role of Bud the West Virginian farmer and I'm also over the moon to be part of another show. It's just that there aren't many leading roles in musicals I could realistically go for, what with my stature and looks. Plus, the role of Bat Boy required someone to be odd and quirky, funny yet have a vunerable and angry side and on also on a technical level, have a wide vocal range, which I have. So for me, this was a role I thought I had a decent chance in getting. I, along with others are taken aback it's gone to a tall good looking person, not my first vision of what the character should be. I admit, I'm not the strongest dancer in the eyes of the choregrapher (and I'm working on that with my weekly tap classes) and I'm sure my audition wasn't perfect. I am pleased I tried my best though and I hoped I made them see what I'm capable of. One day I'll get to belt out some heart-felt songs in front of an audience of family and friends. Something I was really keen in doing, especially before I escape this country later in the year.

I'm sure in the next couple of weeks when the show gets going, I along with others, who are more disappointed than I am, will get over it and start mucking in and concentrate on making it another great show.

Perhaps I'll do a Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls and do such a knock out supporting performance, they'll have to despense tremendous amounts of praise on me.

Okay, overly warped acting ego finished. Over and Out.