My year to come according to Shelley...

GEMINIBeing one of the friendliest and most inquisitive signs, your life has always been influenced by those around you – friends, family and colleagues - and by events. But during 2007, it may seem as if decisions are in the hands of others. This is no bad thing, as they’re able to do wonders for you. The problem is, you’re restless. You’ll make changes, settling on new plans, but not until early September, when the practical Saturn shifts to accent your domestic and working life. After that a combination of powerful insights and changes in circumstance shape your thinking and your activities.

Love and Relationships: Either somebody you know is in a position to spoil you or there’s big time love on the horizon. Even work relationships are blessed with brilliant stars. You need only say yes and the rest is magical.

Finances and work: Explore your options during the year’s first half, ensuring you both know your facts and what you want to achieve. That ensures you’re ready for dazzling ideas or opportunities soon after mid-year. Health and Well Being: The fast pace could take its toll, with too much to do in too little time. Since you shouldn’t say no to any of this, take frequent, if short breaks and practice stress reduction techniques.