I had a date last night, with lovely young guy through It almost never happened, as five minutes before he was meant to leave to meet me, he accidently stabbed himself with a kitchen knife. I started wondering if there's a distinct possibility I'm meant to be worshipping some Polynesian Tikki God of 'Dating' somewhere or perhaps I'd wronged a someone, somewhere, at some point in a former life maybe. Would a guy resort to stabbing themselves in order to get out of a date with me? Guys have made weaker excuses before, I thought. Luckily, he turned up; bandaged and apologetic. We joked about it and told him my last date had slit his throat. I forgave him, mostly as he was really cute and incredibly funny in a northern 'Wai Yup' sort of way. Turned out, I was his first ever date with a guy, having only come out three months ago. Poor guy found it all a bit overwhelming I think. Told him, I'd been in his shoes before and not to be so hard on himself and he seemed to enjoy our night out. He has a friend in me if he wants it at least.