It begins Oh Buddha of mine...

So I have a Blog. How cutting edge of me. How scary in fact. The idea of any stranger reading my daily thoughts puts me off, if truth be told. Lawsuits of people being fired from their jobs because they moaned about their unruly boss or having posed in a raunchy photograph wearing their company's uniform springs to mind. (I believe it was an air stewardess or something, how man-made fibre in Easyjet colours can be made too look sexy is beyond me.)

I shall therefore be sensible. Use pseudonyms to protect those who I may embarrass, which I will no doubt reveal in a fit of anger if they wind me up something chronic. It will be about me, naturally. A way of keeping my writing skills up to date and in practice. The long term goals of writing a book have been so poorly executed and I have no one else to blame apart from myself. So many ideas, so little time, so little drive after working all day. So many excuses not to actually write. So lame. So pathetic. And therefore, so not going to have a novel under my belt by the age of 30. This will be like stretching the muscles before a work out, I hope.

I have also been asked to write about my life and tales of dating boys, having caused much amusement to many friends over the years. Not sure if that is tragic or a reason to celebrate how varied and ridiculous my life gets. I have old tales that are out of date by now, but will no doubt reminisce on these,when the opportunity arises.

So, I write this. Will it last? Will it be a distraction? Will it bore people livid? Who knows, only time will tell.

I've noticed I've posed a lot of questions in my first blog post. I'm not normally like that.

Well, maybe I am.